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    Hear John Legend sing Jordon’s Song which has gotten over 3/4 of a Million hits on Youtube and hundreds of websites (You can listen at… “ Hey Girl sung by John Legend “ to see the hit count…or go to the bottom of the page to listen..the song is a ballad called Hey Girl). It is one of 3 of Jordon’s songs John has recorded.

    Thank you for visiting vegan artist Jordon Rothstein of Mascot’s Distance .


    -2016 shows TBA (Currently in preparations for recording new MD LP)

    -Mascot’s Distance at the Cutting Room One set show. Saturday August 29th 2015 at 8pm. $20 cover, located at 44 E 32nd St, New York, NY 10010

    -Mascot’s Distance at Merryall Playhouse on Saturday May 16th 2015 at 8pm. $15 cover, located at 8 Chapel Hill Road, New Milford, CT 06776


    Heartbreaker sung by Allie Moss of Ingrid Michaelson band

    At 1:00 am 30 stories above the city street a light is flickering in a window. I imaginge some lonesome resident watching the tele, or working on a computer.
    And I’m looking up imagining what ti’s like inside that apartment. Is there someone there to which I could relate? Or just a program designed for what the inside of a home looks like from without?
    And then a bus passes by and I’m looking at a store front with a beautiful manikin stairing back at me, dressed in the latest fashion
    How I wish I could paint with words.
    To express ones inside in the hopes that someone might feel the same and from that sameness find comfort.
    You know Winslow’s made me cry twice, does that make sense?
    Abstract pause……
    I want to go somewhere with this like the way classical music sounds coming thru a tiny cracked radio,
    or the hope I feel when I wake up from a vivid dream that wasn’t a nightmare.
    I want to go somewhere with no direction, just movement, no destination, none that can be reached at least.
    Feeling unfettered and freedom at last..what? oh i thought u said something.

    Yes unleashed like a beautiful yearning for the color in a black and white sunset that doesn’t exist anyway. And the world behind the mirror.
    And small talk with meaning which is easy to understand.
    Then to tap a spring and feed a well and grow in a field and wait no longer for a love that’s been dangled like a carrot for to long, just around the corner, one more second if only I tried a little harder, is it now in reaching distance?
    And then just the fog of a damp spring evening.
    The doorman all on the watch and the suburbanites in there trucks on their way home.
    Back to there far away perches, where they can see the city with some prespective, different from us i imagine.
    Us the dust, the dirt, the sturdy, the broken yet working, the usual crowd, the ones in the stairwell who see by different vision, and never think to ask, yet rather choose to wait it out.
    All the while knowing I could do better.

    Below are a few twitter responses to Jordon’s song Hey Girl Featuring John Legend.

    tweet- “…We were chatting about fave songs, i have a top 11 now john legend-hey girl :)
    tweet-“JOHN’S VOICE TINGLES MY SPINE! The lyrics are very meaningful and the piano is gorgeous!
    tweet- “Beautiful piece John! you did it again Mr. legend. I have SO many favorites of you now, including this song.
    tweet- #SongsThatGiveMeGoosebumps John legend Hey girl